Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Marathon Goal

Over the years I've done a couple of races - 5Ks, 10Ks and two half marathons. Not much but enough for my needs. There is one race missing in that list. Yes - you guessed it - the marathon - the 26.2mile monster.
I haven't taken part in a marathon yet because I've only ever wanted to run the London marathon and that is because of it's fame and popularity. Unfortunately for three years now I've not been able to get a place in this most prestigious of races.
Early this year I realise there was something wrong with that thinking. Why am I so fixated on the London marathon? I am a runner: it should not matter what race I take part in as long as I put in the miles and finish. Right? So I made up my mind I was going to run a marathon this year. It wouldn't matter where. It was time to take on those 26.2 miles.
I shopped around looking for one that met my needs and fit into my running goals for the year. Initially I picked the Marathon in Chester but due to a conflict in interest at work I had to change that. I finally settled on the National Lottery Marathon in Dublin, Ireland on the 31st of October.
I'm in my tenth week of training and it's all going according to plan. No injuries and absolutely no doubts. Come 31st October I will be one of the thousands of runners pushing myself to the edge.

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