Tuesday, 8 November 2011


It's been a week since I experienced the marathon - one long week of recovery. It has been one week of resting, stretching, icing the legs and elevating them. I particularly had problems with my left foot. The day following the marathon I could not move because of a terribly sharp pain on the underside of my left foot. But after a week of showing it some TLC it looked and felt like it was getting better. That is until I went for a run yesterday morning. There was no problem during the run. It was afterwards that the pain started up again. The good news is it wasn't near as bad as it was last week: the bad news is I might have to hold off running for awhile, give the foot more time to recover.  I won't make any decisions until I try another easy run on Thursday.

The past one week has also been a time of assessing my performance at that Marathon. What worked, what didn't and why did it go so spectacularly awry after the first fifteen miles? Those questions have got me reading up and researching a lot of stuff.   My room looks like the study of a crazed scientist or something. Books and magazines strewn everywhere with my laptop permanently on running websites. Anyway, I found some very interesting answers which I intend to use for my next marathon in spring so watch this space. 

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