Thursday, 26 February 2015

Road or Trail

I'm awake. Normally the next thing would be to get into my gear and hit the road for my run. Not today. And that is because I am conflicted. Should I get out there now and run on road or should I wait for daybreak and then go out to the trails.
It's been a long time since I went out to the trails and truthfully it's been because I couldn't stand the thought of wading through mud, puddles and all. And let's not forget the hills. I didn't feel like tackling them. And lately it's been raining quite a lot. Mmmmm.... So what is it going to be - road (comfort zone) or trail (urghhhh...) and I can hear it raining outside.
I've got free time this morning so I'm dawdling. In the end the trail wins so I take myself out to Epping Forest for a slow easy run in the rain wading through puddles, stamping through mud, weaving through wet vegetation, dashing up hills ( I must be fitter than I thought!) And the irony? I loved every minute!

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